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The Airworthiness Certification and Evaluation Division (ACED) provides a cost-effective, joint test, evaluation, and certification program, focused on carry-on medical equipment used in the aviation environment by military health care providers during aeromedical evacuation transports in support of the Warfighter and casualty treatment within the en route care system.

ACED maintains the unique capability of testing and evaluating portable medical equipment in a simulated military aeromedical evacuation environment. These tests and evaluations ensure that the equipment continues to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications while exposed to the harsh en route care environments, promoting the safe interaction among the medical equipment, patients, aircrew, and the aircraft.

Before medical carry-on devices can be used aboard U.S. Army aircraft, they must pass rigorous tests and be issued an Airworthiness Release (AWR) and Aeromedical Certification Memorandum (ACM).

Environmental and airworthiness testing is conducted in accordance with the Joint Enroute Care Equipment Test Standard (JECETS) and other military standards. ACED testing enables:

  • Fleet-wide issuance of  an AWR and an ACM
  • Develop risk assessments
  • Improvement of aeromedical transport standards
  • Meet military standards

Tests and Evaluations
Baseline performance assessments

  • Human factors
  • Securing procedures (form and fit)
  • Battery performance (discharge and recharge)
  • Electrical safety

Laboratory tests

  • Vibration tests: Rotary-wing, fixed-wing (jet and turboprop), tilt-rotor aircraft, composite wheeled vehicle
  • Electromagnetic interference (emission and susceptibility)
  • Environmental climate tests: High and low temperature, high humidity, battery life
  • Low pressure (altitude) and rapid decompression
  • Explosive atmosphere
  • Night vision device compatibility
  • Acceleration and crash
  • Blowing sand, dust, and rain

In-flight assessments (rotary-wing aircraft)

  • Human factors, functional, and electromagnetic compatibility checks
Risk assessments with AWR/ACM recommendation

ACED Research Platforms - Pictures

ACED Test Platforms:
Vibration tables
Altitude chamber
Climatic chambers
Drop test apparatus
Crash load hydraulic RAM apparatus
Electromagnetic interference chamber
Blowing sand, dust, and rain chambers
Rapid decompression chamber

External Test Support Platforms:
CH-47 Chinook
HH-60M Black Hawk
MH-60 Black Hawk
MH-47 Chinook
UH-60A/L Black Hawk
UH-72A Lakota
Noise floor testing
Man-rated altitude chamber
Explosive atmosphere chamber

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