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Research Platforms
  Acoustics Research
  The Acoustics and Vestibular Research Facility includes anechoic and reverberation chambers, an audiometric research facility, an ANSI standard real-ear attenuation measurement room, a mobile field laboratory, and a neuro-otologic rotary chair.

  Aeromedical Equipment Test and Evaluation

The Aeromedical Equipment testing capability consists of a complete suite of equipment test chamber enabling assessments of electromagnetic interference, altitude, heat, cold, moisture, blowing sand/dust/rain, vibration, and acceleration/crash tests equipment retention.

  Helmet Impact and Retention Testing

The Helmet Impact and Retention Testing Facility includes a monorail impact tower, a free-fall impact tower, a mass properties instrument, a Tinius Olsen quasi-static test machine, an Instron quasi-static materials tester, a high-speed camera system, and a dynamic mini-sled system.

  Engagement Skills Trainer (EST)

The Engagement Skills Trainer, a fully-instrumented simulated small arms range, is used to conduct research on warfighter performance of static and dynamic marksmanship under various operational stressors.

  JUH-60A Black Hawk Helicopter

The JUH-60A helicopter is instrumented with in-flight measurement systems to monitor and record aviator physiological and cognitive status, flight performance, and aircraft performance in real time. This research aircraft can be configured to any mission profile, and can capture and transmit data from the helicopter to ground telemetry sites.

  NUH-60FS Black Hawk Flight Simulator

The NUH-60FS is the world’s only full-motion, full-visual aeromedical research flight simulator. The system realistically reproduces environmental conditions, including cockpit temperature and humidity, and features state-of-the-art visual displays and the Army’s most advanced dust visibility model.

  Man-Rated Multi-Axis Ride Simulator (MARS)

The MARS reproduces the ride of virtually any tracked/wheeled vehicle or aircraft. The simulator is linked with multichannel physiological monitoring, biomechanical measurement, and human performance assessment systems.

  Aviation Life Support Retrieval Program (ALSERP)

The ALSERP aims to improve the protection of military aircrew via mishap investigation and system analysis. Data collected by examination of protective equipment (e.g., helmets, clothing, survival equipment, seats) involved in aviation mishaps is used to justify or recommend advancements in protection requirements for future aviation systems.

  Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC) Program

The JTAPIC program receives injury data from combat and accidental vehicle events, correlates the data with operational information, and recommends improvements to safety procedures and equipment.

  Vision Research

The Vision Research Facility includes a laser ophthalmoscope, corneal topography, and optical distortion measurement system. The facility also houses hypoxia laboratory featuring a Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device and an Olympic-quality, multi-lane, precision air rifle range.

  Biodynamics Research

The Biodynamics Research Facility houses a vertical acceleration tower, a shock tube, and two projective launchers used for studies focused on occupant survivability, injury mitigation, and protection criteria.

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