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USAARL merges the sciences of aviation and medicine to optimize protection and performance for the Warfighter. 

Through research and development, the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory's mission is to deliver scientific solutions that save lives and increase performance of Army aviators, the airborne Soldier, and ground Warriors.

In order to position USAARL for long-term success and allow us to fulfill our promise to our stakeholders, the laboratory will market our assets, capabilities, and research outcomes to establish productive research, development, test, and evaluation partnerships with military organizations, industry, and academia.

Our vision is to be recognized as the Army's focal point for research and expert consultation on biomedical, physiological, and psychological issues affecting our aviators and Soldiers.

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  Research Areas

The U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, one of six research laboratories within the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, was established at Fort Rucker in 1962 to accomplish research in support of Army Aviation and airborne activities, and to provide a central aeromedical research/reference library.

Today, the Laboratory's research focuses on blunt, blast, and accelerative injury and protection; crew survival in military helicopters and combat vehicles; enroute care environment; human operator health and performance in complex systems; and sensory performance, injury, and protection. Specifically, USAARL's programs:

  • Develop improved spinal injury criteria and health hazard assessments;
  • Focus on determining the effects of developmental injury protection equipment and provide pathological and medical data to improve Soldier survival;
  • Include testing and evaluating aeromedical evacuation equipment;
  • Research aeromedical, psychological, behavioral, and neurocognitive effects on health, performance, safety, and effectiveness in the aviation operational environment, and aeromedical aspects of flying in degraded visual environments;
  • Address human performance optimization and enhancement of situational awareness;
  • Evaluate the psychological, cognitive, and sensory requirements associated with manned-unmanned teaming operations;
  • Assess health hazards of directed energy on Soldier performance; and
  • Address current and emerging operational visual, auditory, and vestibular stress, and injury protection.

The Laboratory's highly skilled workforce consists of rated aviators, medical professionals, doctoral- and masters-level researchers, and research technicians. USAARL researchers seek to enhance force readiness and effectiveness by preventing or minimizing health hazards created by military systems, doctrine, and tactics. Specifically, they identify, investigate, and solve medical- and health-related problems that compromise Soldiers’/aviators’ safety and/or prevent them from performing the mission. The Laboratory’s unique mix of scientific personnel  successfully conduct critical research for solving operationally specific medical problems and provide military developers with information and expertise to enhance the performance and safety of future Army systems.

It is USAARL’s commitment to the aviator, the airborne Soldier, and the ground Warrior, to find medical solutions that reduce health hazards, prevent and mitigate injury, enhance performance, and save lives.

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