Our Research & Divisions
  Warfighter Protection Division (WPD)  

WPD’s mission is to conduct research on and develop standards for Warfighter injury mechanisms, human tolerance levels, injury risk mitigation technologies, and health hazards present in the full spectrum of Army operational and training environments including aviation and ground operations, medical evacuation platforms, combat vehicles, and weapons systems.

The Warfighter Protection Division is comprised of three branches;
The Injury Biomechanics Branch, Airworthiness Certification and Evaluation Branch and the Operational Survival Analysis Branch.

  Warfighter Health Division (WHD)  

The WHD conducts basic and applied research relating to the modern Warfighter. Our research objectives include investigating current and anticipated medical issues related to Warfighter psychological health and resilience, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), post concussion syndrome, return-to-duty (RTD)/fitness-for-duty (FFD) issues, and physiological health. Our general scientific disciplines include aviation medicine, biomedical engineering, human factors, systemic and neurosensory physiology, and research psychology. WHD maintains its capability and competency to develop and document effective means of optimizing the performance of military personnel subjected to stressors such as spatial disorientation; disrupted sleep, work, and rest cycles; high cognitive workloads; and sustained operations.

In 2013, the WHD defined the biomedical impact of prototypical and developmental military equipment in terms of individual tolerance and performance effectiveness; assessed emerging technologies in all of the above research fields; and translated these research results into useable, relevant recommendations to the field.

The Warfighter Health Division is comprised of two branches;
The Aeromedical Factors Branch and the Cognitive Assessment and Analysis Branch.

  Sensory Research Division (SRD)  

The SRD maintains a unique capability in applied medical and operational research in the areas of visual and auditory sciences.  The research mission of the Division is to conduct sensory research to protect, sustain and extend the operational capabilities of our Army’s Warfighters.  These objectives include conducting applied medical research in the areas of

  1. Eye and ear injury prevention;
  2. Development of  sensory biomarkers (e.g., electrophysiological, behavioral, and clinical) for the evaluation of visual, auditory, and vestibular consequences of traumatic brain injury and fitness for duty criteria development.
  3. Development of realistic models for the assessment of protection technologies and sensing performance with these technologies.
  4. Development of unique visual and auditory standards for service occupations and performance standards for optical, acoustical and communication devices.
  5. Establishment of  a sensory performance research base to support the  development and integration of soldier technologies (e.g., night vision devices, hearing protection, communications equipment, advanced optical systems, etc.) into military systems.

The Sensory Research Division is comprised of two branches;
The Acoustics Branch and the Visual Sciences Branch.

Last Updated 09/06/2013

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