USAARL is a - U.S. Army Medical Department - Medical Research Materiel Command Subordinate Command

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The USAARL Mission & Vision

USAARL aims to provide medical research in the military operations environment to sustain the Warfighter’s performance by delivering medical research and developing, testing, and evaluating solutions to air and ground Warriors.

USAARL's medical research includes developing return-to-duty standards for Soldiers suffering from neurosensory injuries, mild traumatic brain injuries, determining the effectiveness of life support equipment, and preventing and mitigating ground crew and aircrew biomechanical injuries.

USAARL applies its medical, psychological, and physiological knowledge and skills to optimize systems for the end user – the U.S. Army Warfighter. In doing so, the Laboratory has had an immeasurable effect on improving Army systems and has helped save countless lives.

USAARL's goal is to be recognized as the Army’s focal point for research and expert consultation on issues related to medical, physiological, and psychological support of the Aviator and Warrior.

Through research, USAARL supports the USAMRMC’s motto, “Protect, Project, Sustain.”